Ferrari teases “Most powerful Ferrari ever”, we prepare

Note to self: on February 29, 2012, Ferrari will unveil the successor to it’s big grand tourer the Ferrari 599. In order to tease us, it’s released a video… of it’s sound:

All we have at the moment is this teaser video, released with the sole, merciless aim of coaxing us into a fizz with the promise that “a new era of extreme V12 cars dawns”. Messrs Alonso and Massa appear to have stolen the keys to a prototype too, as the two Ferrari hotfoots take it out for a spin.

It’s the successor to the much feted 599 - codenamed F152 - and by definition, will need to produce more than the 660bhp of the FF’s 6.2-litre V12 (the most powerful Ferrari on sale today) and the 670bhp 599 GTO. Think 700bhp, and you’re probably about there.

Expect the GTB’s first appearance at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. In the meantime, you can visit for more info.

Prankster Rémi Gaillard pretends to be a speed camera.

If you’ve not heard of Rémi, he’s a serial prankster from Montpellier, France. He makes a living going around town dressed in silly costumes harassing people for our entertainment. He is the the man behind the infamous Mario Kart prank and because of this, we think he should be awarded for his services to the internet.

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A. Very. Close. Call.

Truck. Snow plow. Jackknife. Close call. Very.


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Video: Polish Mustang Club does Stomp… sorta….

We’ll let explain this one:

Excuse us for getting all Mark Lawson, but we’ve just been sent this - a video of the Mustang Club of Poland making music with their members’, err, Mustangs.

It’s a bit like Stomp, it doesn’t really make sense to us and we’d wish they’d just get in the damn things and do some big smoky burnouts. But, curiously, it’s not entirely without merit.

Have a watch and make up your own mind.

We can appreciate the work that went into this — and we love seeing decades of American muscle in Poland — but we kind of expected more. How about you?

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Video of the Insane Nissan JUKE-R

Nissan has posted shakedown video of the wonderfully ridiculous Nissan Juke-R that we told you about weeks ago.

First, Nissan’s crack team of modders took the Juke-R to the MIRA proving ground to check everything worked properly and that the ruddy big 3.8-litre twin-turbo engine didn’t fall out or consume the world in a fiery explosion. Then, off to Silverstone for some screechiness.

Click play and watch.


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The Top Gear Top 40 Exclusive Trailer

Don’t miss the premiere of the all new special series TOP GEAR TOP 40. *** Premieres Monday Nov 28 at 8/7c*** with back-to-back episodes on BBC America.


Fan footage of Top Gear shooting in Leece, Italy

Top Gear was in the picturesque town of Lecce, Italy over the weekend. According to a lucky fan, who shot some footage of the visit to the town’s center and posted it on YouTube, “Jeremy has a really deep and powerful voice, he could be heard in every point of the square!” Apparently, Jeremy drives the Lamborghini Aventador, James drives the McLaren MP4-12C and Richard takes the Noble M600.

There are two more videos posted of Top Gear’s visit to Leece at the Anglophenia blog.

The Top Gear Top 40 - #44 Fiat vs BMX in Budapest

We posted #45 yesterday and here’s #44 in the Top Gear Top 40 Countdown: James May races a Fiat 500 against BMX bikers through the streets of Budapest.

On Monday, November 28th at 8pm/7c, BBC America will air the first of two Top Gear specials: the Top Gear Top 40 Challenges as chosen by you, your neighbors, and that guy Ray from Accounting. Until then, check out #45-#41 here on teh Tumblrs.

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Car Soccer on Top Gear Track - Forza 4 (by Sun2theNY)

We just finished a go round of car soccer football in Forza. We looked nowhere near this competent.

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Jeremy on the Volkswagen Jetta - Top Gear Outtakes

From the description:

"Jeremy Clarkson isn’t very impressed by the Volkswagen Jetta."