The World’s Most Expensive ($3M) Motor home

When Jeremy, James and Richard had a go at building their own campervans, it didn’t go entirely well. There were fires. There were altercations with petrol stations. There were rubbish Bauhaus gardens. 

But what if we’d been given a budget of $3,000,000 instead of, well, £3? We may well have come up with this - it’s the eleMMent Palazzo. And the roll call of gadgets is rather more attention-grabbing than some MDF and a few lightly soiled sleeping bags. We’ll give them that.

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Frankfurt 2011: Land Rover DC100 (Defender) concepts

Look closely at the DC100 concepts revealed in Frankfurt today and you’ll see what could be the next Land Rover Defender in 2015. The closed roof one is just called the DC100. The open roof version is the DC100 Sport.

Land Rover is showing both of these versions to prove that a next-gen Defender must be ‘configurable’. According to how the buyer specs the option boxes, it could be an emergency vehicle, a farmers’ transport (though without the 21-inch wheels, obviously), or a weekend toy.

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