I have not the vaguest clue how I know the Fiat Panda has character and the Toyota Avensis does not. There is not one single tangible reason why I love the Ferrari 458 Italia but only respect the McLaren MP4-12C. Both cars do the same thing and make the same noise, but one makes your heart sing and the other doesn’t.

The Veloster does none of these things. The styling doesn’t work at all. It’s silly. And because of the split rear screen, you can’t see what’s behind you. Don’t get me started on the doors, either. No, actually, do get me started. What were they thinking of? I realise that a child can’t get out into the traffic, and that’s nice, but when you’re in a car park, or at home, having to shuffle over the seats to get out is a bloody nuisance.

Jeremy Clarkson thinks the Hyundai Veloster lacks character. Click to read why.