Is this boat/van combo wondrous?


We’ve got form creating boat/car combinations, though we weren’t successful in the traditional sense of the word. This chap, though, could teach us a thing or two…

He’s converted his RV to feature an integral boat-thing, tying the two together with a violently seventies paint scheme.

But the question is, is it awesome? Or as, erm, divisive as our effort? Tell us in the handy box below…

(Skip to 1:20 for the good stuff)


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The World’s Most Expensive ($3M) Motor home

When Jeremy, James and Richard had a go at building their own campervans, it didn’t go entirely well. There were fires. There were altercations with petrol stations. There were rubbish Bauhaus gardens. 

But what if we’d been given a budget of $3,000,000 instead of, well, £3? We may well have come up with this - it’s the eleMMent Palazzo. And the roll call of gadgets is rather more attention-grabbing than some MDF and a few lightly soiled sleeping bags. We’ll give them that.

Visit for the full story.

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