The Prototype Porsche 918 revealed!

Remember that prototype Porsche 918 Top Gear teased everyone about the other day? You know, the one they took for a test drive? This is it!

This post isn’t for people who want to reblog sleek, shiny, completely finished supercars. This is a post for the petrolheads and Porschephiles who want to know what your meal looks like before it hits the table. This isn’t fine dining. This is a trip to the slaughterhouse:

Given it’s so early in development, you can forgive it looking like an absolute shed. The only vaguely production-shape panels are the doors. The rest is a mash-up of hack-sawed 911 panels and gaffer tape and naughty naked nudeness. The engineers don’t even call it a prototype, but a ‘rolling chassis’.

Even so, now it’s up and running, with the major systems on board, the engineers tell me they’re confident of what this astounding car will do….

Read the rest of the bloody gory details at

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