Top Gear sends out the Nissan Juke-R to do battle with the Supercars of Dubai

Top Gear Magazine sent the Nissan Juke-R to Dubai to do battle with the Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Benzes of the land. Yes, we said a Nissan Juke.

Now, before you laugh of embarrassment, remember that this is the one-off Nissan Juke-R — the one with the 478 bhp engine from the Nissan GT-R shoehorned inside.

It drives like a wrecking ball. Dense, heavy (to the tune of 1,806kg), squat, unstoppably determined. If you were to compare it to a real car, then it’s the BMW X6M, of which there are quite a few about out here, but really it’s so much better than that. Don’t get me wrong - it’s not as polished, and isn’t as talented around corners as its GT-R supercoupe sibling, but, hell, can it get places quickly.

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Nissan’s futuristic DeltaWing to race in Le Mans

Half the power of a traditional race car with half the weight. Oh yeah, and it’s powered by a turbocharged engine from a Nissan Juke:

This is the Nissan Deltawing, a 300bhp, 1100lb race car unveiled today in London and set to compete against Audi, Toyota, Porsche and the rest in June’s endurance epic at La Sarthe.

If you recognise the DeltaWing shape, that’s because the dart-like design - penned by Ben Bowlby and based around an Aston Martin LMP1 tub - was pitched two years ago as a potential 2012 IndyCar chassis.
Nissan picked up DeltaWing’s prototype and fitted it with a direct-injection 1.6-litre turbo based upon the petrol engine found in the Juke.

The maths is disarmingly simple: though it has half the power of a full-fat Le Mans Prototype, the DeltaWing carries just half the weight. It also produces half as much drag - the design does away with conventional wings in favour of ground-effect underbody aerodynamics - and will consume half as much fuel and get through half as many tyres. Useful attributes in an endurance race.

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Video of the Insane Nissan JUKE-R

Nissan has posted shakedown video of the wonderfully ridiculous Nissan Juke-R that we told you about weeks ago.

First, Nissan’s crack team of modders took the Juke-R to the MIRA proving ground to check everything worked properly and that the ruddy big 3.8-litre twin-turbo engine didn’t fall out or consume the world in a fiery explosion. Then, off to Silverstone for some screechiness.

Click play and watch.


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Nissan transplants the 480bhp engine and four-wheel-drive system from a GT-R into a Juke.

Revealed in Spain as a ‘surprise guest’, the Juke-R is a special project that sees the 480bhp engine and four-wheel-drive system from the old GT-R transplanted into a Juke. Naturally, the Juke’s internals have been scythed out, replaced with the GT-R’s many dials of measurement.

No performance details have been released, but you don’t need a PhD in physics estimate it will be riotously fast.

Visit for more.

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