Trouble is, most of us now work in offices and shops, meanwhile, the vagus nerve runs from the brain down the spine and is the main conduit of all the information fed to and from the nervous system. Backache is a real issue. Bad back can mean bad everything, including digestion, apparently. So I’ve come up with a better idea. Motorcycling.

On a motorcycle, you are a significant contributor to the mass of the whole set-up, and your body acts as a vibration damper. The engine is right underneath you or between your knees. Motorcycles are rigid. You absorb the vibes, so they must change you.
James May on how motorcycling can relieve a bad back.


The Dutch have made a flying car

Specifically, the PAL-V is a car and a gyroplane combined, capable of both an air and ground speed of 112mph and a sub 8.0sec 0-60mph time. It can be flown in Europe with a Recreational Pilot Licence or a Private Pilot Licence, while a plain old driving licence is all you need to take the PAL-V out on the roads.  

And don’t think that just because it can fly, they’ve made it drive like one of Hannibal’s elephants. The PAL-V features the same Dynamic Vehicle Control system used on the Carver ONE that Hammond drove in Top Gear Series 2, Episode 9.

Basically, the car tilts into corners like a motorcycle, the aggression of your steering input determining the angle of lean. It looks fun. And then when you get to your airfield, or quiet stretch of the M1, out come the propeller and the rotor and you’re up, up and away.

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