Toyota gets inspired by that ‘MarthaMarcyMayMarlene’ movie, names new car ‘FR-S’, ‘GT-86’, & ‘86’.

You know that Elizabeth Olsen movie with the four names? Martha Marcy May Marlene? We’ll it seems Toyota was inspired by it in giving it’s FT-86 sports car a different name in each market:

Firstly, and for no obvious reason, Toyota’s ditched the F and hyphen. Secondly, they’ve added RULES. Europeans get the GT 86 (but we have to call it the eight six, not eighty six), in Japan it’ll be the 86 (as in eighty six and no GT prefix) and America gets the Scion FR-S.

So, what else is there to report? Beyond these heavily Photoshopped pictures, not a lot. We’ve spotted some slight styling and interior differentiation from the concept - there’s a big diffuser on its lower rump, and Toyota’s fitted a Very Small Steering wheel (365mm in diameter, which is the smallest it has ever fitted to a road car).

Well, it’s still good looking.

Want to see more of the pics? Release the clicken.

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