I am a big fat idiot. And I am a short arse.


Jeremy: You don’t think the producers are messing with the subtitles, do you?[subtitle: I am a big fat bald idiot]Richard: No, they wouldn’t do that![subtitle: And I am a short arse]
From Season 14 Episode 2

The 2012-ish (2013) Fisker Surf Shooting Brake

If there were three eco-responsible cars to look forward to in the coming years, they would be the Tesla Model S, the BMW i-Series, and this car here, the Fisker Surf — a shooting brake (nee ‘Wagon’) version of the Fisker Karma (ok, that makes four cars to look forward to.)

The Fiskers are plug-in hybrids which mean that they charge much like the Chevy Volt. When the batteries run low at 50 miles, a BMW-sourced turbocharged 4 cylinder will get you up to an additional 250 miles before needed a recharge or refuel.

Fisker is hinting at a late 2012 start date for production of both the Karma and the Surf. The safe bet is for a 2013 debut.

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