There’s no excuse for a bad-looking car any more. But we continue to churn them out anyway. This is because to have the good, you need the bad. There needs to be a gap. God knew this. And now the car manufacturers are simply carrying on with his work. You wouldn’t appreciate the white tern if you didn’t have the lobster. And you can’t appreciate the Jaguar F-Type without the Ford B-Max. In the same way that girls wouldn’t swoon over Richard Hammond if he didn’t present Top Gear alongside May and me.
Jeremy on: appreciation - BBC Top Gear
Why, if we are capable of producing things this good, did someone at Pontiac do the Aztek? When they had finished, did they sit back and say: “Yes, that’s absolutely perfect. A rival for anything from the hand of Leonardo.” Or the Ford Scorpio. At some point, the man who designed it must have walked into the boardroom with his clay model and said, “This is it.” And instead of saying, “You are sacked,” the board said, “Fantastic.” I can only assume it was late on Christmas Eve, and they all wanted to get home.
Jeremy on: appreciation - BBC Top Gear
We demonstrated with this Sixties speedboat [the Riva Aquarama] that we as a species are capable of creating immense beauty. And we did it again 20 years later with the Humber Bridge. And again, more recently, with the Jaguar F-Type. The white tern among cars, the automotive world’s Bwindi. George Clooney with windscreen wipers.
Jeremy on: appreciation - BBC Top Gear
I look now at all the cars driving past my window, and almost all of them make me feel poorly. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class: why does it have that completely unnecessary crease down the rear flank? The new Range Rover: what’s with those gills in the doors? The Honda CR-V: was it a bet? Then we have the new Ford B-Max. I bet that after they’d created a car with no B-pillars and a very clever 1.0-litre engine, they were so pleased, they completely failed to notice that it’s one of the stupidest-looking cars on the market today.
Jeremy on: appreciation - BBC Top Gear
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The Prototype Porsche 918 revealed!

Remember that prototype Porsche 918 Top Gear teased everyone about the other day? You know, the one they took for a test drive? This is it!

This post isn’t for people who want to reblog sleek, shiny, completely finished supercars. This is a post for the petrolheads and Porschephiles who want to know what your meal looks like before it hits the table. This isn’t fine dining. This is a trip to the slaughterhouse:

Given it’s so early in development, you can forgive it looking like an absolute shed. The only vaguely production-shape panels are the doors. The rest is a mash-up of hack-sawed 911 panels and gaffer tape and naughty naked nudeness. The engineers don’t even call it a prototype, but a ‘rolling chassis’.

Even so, now it’s up and running, with the major systems on board, the engineers tell me they’re confident of what this astounding car will do….

Read the rest of the bloody gory details at

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Volvo Concept You Interior

There are lots of concept car designs floating out there on the web, and this one was particularly interesting because of the extra space alloted under the seats if they’re not attached to the base.

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Alfa 8C and Porsche 911 Illustrations

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