I look now at all the cars driving past my window, and almost all of them make me feel poorly. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class: why does it have that completely unnecessary crease down the rear flank? The new Range Rover: what’s with those gills in the doors? The Honda CR-V: was it a bet? Then we have the new Ford B-Max. I bet that after they’d created a car with no B-pillars and a very clever 1.0-litre engine, they were so pleased, they completely failed to notice that it’s one of the stupidest-looking cars on the market today.
Jeremy on: appreciation - BBC Top Gear
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Mick Fleetwood: Spilling Band Secrets on tonight’s TOP GEAR (BBC America)

Legendary rock band Fleetwood Mac’s drummer MICK FLEETWOOD is getting behind the wheel as the ‘Star in the Reasonably Priced Car’ in an all new episode of TOP GEAR *** premiering MON FEB 11 at 9/8c *** only on BBC AMERICA.

But before he slides in and floors the pedal, he’s spilling some juicy band secrets about the making of classic album ‘Rumors’ (one of Jezza’s “absolute, all-time favorite albums!”) and all the years of conflict & drama among the group. “Are you starting to feel even vaguely sorry for me?”

PLUS, get a first listen at the songs JEREMY, RICHARD & JAMES would write - for each other! - as the TOP GEAR band…