Behold: the 600bhp BMW 1M Coupe

There must be something in the water down at G-Power’s headquarters in Autenzell. Either that, or their spanners are charged with uranium, because they’re fond of really, really quick cars. Witness the M5 and M6 Hurricane RR models.

With the 1M, they are “building the Coupe the way it should have come from the factory in the first place”. Which, if you take their viewpoint, means 600bhp and 427lb ft of torque. Not from the standard 3.0-litre, mind. Oh no sir, they’ve slotted in a supercharged version of the M3’s 4.0-litre V8, together with the seven-speed DCT auto ‘box.

G-Power has fitted its ‘Clubsport’ suspension pack underneath - independently adjustable KW coilovers and dampers - with huge 396mm ceramic brakes, and 20in alloys with Michelin Pilot Super Sports. You’ll remember of course, the standard 1M Coupe features the front/rear tracks and the diff from the V8 M3, which G-Power has wisely left untouched.

There’s a carbon fibre bonnet and boot lip, lots of leather and Alcantara inside, and a production run of just 30 - to mark G-Power’s 30th anniversary next year.

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