Because somebody somewhere wants an Audi R8 Limo with Gullwing Doors.


Expensive, two-seater supercars. OK, so they look cool, go extremely fast, have superb handling based on millions of dollars of research, slip through the air like greased lightning after about a decade in a wind-tunnel, and you can sell them on to someone else for lots of money when you’re finished. But you can only take one of your mates for a ride.

And if this is the reason you purchased a Vauxhall Zafira over an Audi R8, we have good news. Limo Brokers in the UK now claim to have an answer: an eight-seater R8 limo with eight gullwing doors.

It’s an engineering problem we’ve noticed and tackled before on Top Gear. But our experience making limos proved that it’s a lot harder than it looks…


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