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Top Gear drives the Peugeot Onyx concept car.

Remember this from last night’s Top Gear? Piers Ward has got behind the wheel.

Read all about it at TopGear.com

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The Top Gear Top 40 - #45 Parkour vs. Peugeot

On Monday, November 28th at 8pm/7c, BBC America will air the first of two Top Gear specials: the Top Gear Top 40 Challenges as chosen by you. Relive some of the most outrageous, the most ambitious and the most unreal auto stunts Jeremy, James and Richard have ever done.

As a ramp up to the grand televised premiere, we’re showing you challenges 45 to 41, starting with this video: Parkour vs Peugeot

HX1 Concept Car by Peugeot

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