Top Gear — S21E06 Burma Special, Part 1:

— And it had the latest in high-tech dashboards

— That’s a mess.

— Isn’t this going to drive your OCD madness…

— Well, I’ve put labels on things corresponding to what I think they do.

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Again, Top Gear: Ambitious, but rubbish.
Jeremy Clarkson

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Keeping Top Gear fresh in Series 8

Don’t say that!

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Top Gear Series 17, Episode 5 - Demolition Men

Also I tried doing the technique that splits a single gif into two different ones to give it that line thingy, tell me how I did.


If James May was the Governor of the Bank of England…

Max from Lamborghini told us it would be to dangerous to exceed 300mph… We all chose to ignore it
Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear- Season 18 Episode 1

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