Ferrari teases “Most powerful Ferrari ever”, we prepare

Note to self: on February 29, 2012, Ferrari will unveil the successor to it’s big grand tourer the Ferrari 599. In order to tease us, it’s released a video… of it’s sound:

All we have at the moment is this teaser video, released with the sole, merciless aim of coaxing us into a fizz with the promise that “a new era of extreme V12 cars dawns”. Messrs Alonso and Massa appear to have stolen the keys to a prototype too, as the two Ferrari hotfoots take it out for a spin.

It’s the successor to the much feted 599 - codenamed F152 - and by definition, will need to produce more than the 660bhp of the FF’s 6.2-litre V12 (the most powerful Ferrari on sale today) and the 670bhp 599 GTO. Think 700bhp, and you’re probably about there.

Expect the GTB’s first appearance at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. In the meantime, you can visit for more info.