First footage of the new Ferrari 599XX Evo

For those of you who love everything from the Prancing Horse, here’s footage of the hardest track-only 599 ever built:

Revealed last December at the Bologna motor show, the 599XX Evo is, naturally, the hardest 599 ever built, and we’ve just got our hands on this video footage of the bewinged monster doing some rather brave laps at the Suzuka circuit. It was there as part of a track session for Ferrari customers - the ‘Ferrari Racing Days’ programme - which saw over 300 owners run their cars, followed by a hot lap demonstration from Mika Salo in the F2008 F1 car. Why brave? Because it’s quite wet. has more details on the whole thing.


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It’s here: meet the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

They teased it last week and now it’s here: the fastest, most powerful road going Ferrari there is. The F12 Berlinetta:

Like the 599 GTB Fiorano which it replaces, the F12’s undoubted USP is that thumping great V12. A reworked version of the unit that first appeared in the FF, it shares the same 6262cc capacity and 65 degree configuration, but its power output is increased by approximately 80bhp to just over 730bhp (740CV), and it produces 509 torques. In other words, the F12 is the most powerful road-going Ferrari ever. Factor in a dry weight of 1525kg and you can imagine what sort of performance this thing delivers: 0-62mph in 3.1 seconds, 0-124mph in 8.5, and a top speed of 211mph. So, quite fast, then. Fast enough, in fact, to blitz Ferrari’s Fiorano test track in 1min 23 seconds, a time that outpoints even the Enzo supercar to make this the quickest Ferrari road car to lap the famous circuit.

There’s an all-new aluminium spaceframe chassis, which mixes and matches 12 different kinds of alloys to reduce weight and improve structural rigidity by 20 per cent. And despite that front-mounted V12, the F12 has optimum weight distribution, 46/54 front to rear. The centre of gravity has been reduced, and the engine, interior and seats all sit 25mm lower in the chassis. A new rear suspension layout and redesigned rear transaxle also help reduce the F12’s rear volume. It’s a smaller, more muscular car than the 599, a car that could feel a little too big to be comfortably punted down a typical British back-road when you weren’t swanning about in Monaco.

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