What do YOU think makes Top Gear great?

We just posted a link to a really good Buddy TV post on the things that make Top Gear great.

But one thing they miss, one thing that’s hard for them to capture is that everyone we know, everyone we meet seems to have a personal story about why they feel so connected to James, Jeremy, Richard, and the show on the whole.

So what’s your story?  What makes Top Gear great to you?

Three guys, a production team, a channel, and a Stig want to know.

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    love cars as much as my man, maybe sometimes even more… hilarious...WHAT A GREAT FACTUAL...
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    awesome! There’s even...Tumblr. ‘Nuff said.
  4. ius-cogens answered: A car review is usually dull and technical. Top Gear makes it GLORIOUS. ‘Nuff said.
  5. starsapphire2261 answered: all the host are awesome love the way the get along/they are very misiveous with one another and they always make me laugh love them.
  6. maytinee answered: I stumbled across TG in 2010, the lowest point in my depression, and it saved my life. It gave me something to wake up for every day.
  7. adventures-first-tea-later answered: i’m not into cars. but the boys make “being into cars” relatable and accessible. more important, they make it fucking HILARIOUS and fun.
  8. captainstarkid answered: top gear makes me laugh more than anything else. plus the boys i hang out with think it’s cool that i know so much about cars!
  9. soldiergirl96 answered: me
  10. supervaca answered: The fact that there’s a tumblr alone! :OOOOOOOOO I like the humor a lot. It makes it interesting to people who like cars, but don’t know much
  11. yuumegari answered: Watching Top Gear is something I can do with my dad, thanks to my love of British television and his love of cars.
  12. girlwifemomme answered: I only know how to put gas into a car, yet I find this show entertaining and delightful, despite the fact Jeremy thinks we Americans are dull
  13. here-comes-emily answered: Top Gear made me realize that I secretly-not-so-secretly love cars. Hamster is adorable, Jezza is hysterical, and Captain Slow is, well, me.
  14. sherlocked7q answered: when i was 7 i feel in love with cars. i talked about ALL the time. evryone started ignoring me. i was so lonely untill i found topgear.
  15. herocentral answered: the contraptions they build that work but not very well sometimes they just fall to bits but that is what makes it great the entertainment
  16. autobotashley21 answered: The boys. :] And the cars of course :P
  17. synchra answered: The hosts.
  18. vivalol answered: Doing what one can only dream of. And doing it with a smile, wit, and passion that is unparalled. I love Top Gear.
  19. meowjin answered: Top Gear is the reason that I decided to explore the world, and I watching the friendship those 3 had made me reflect. I needed to improve.
  20. mortalengine answered: They’re hilarious and there’s a sense of “Sod the monotone story of a toyota, let’s get a power-sliding Lambo blasting through a bomb”. Epic.
  21. erikthelightchaser answered: The camaraderie between the guys, the amazing footage the crew captures and the budget that the channel provides.
  22. mojifaux answered: definitely the trio’s chemistry and how they interact, especially during challenges. hilarious stuff, i adore those guys.
  23. arushinthelimelight answered: The camaraderie between the three hosts. That is why I watch it, the cars are only eye candy, the hosts are what make it the best show ever!
  24. lauramartinez answered: everything
  25. luneshot answered: Top Gear has taught me not only a lot about cars, but since I started watching it, I’ve learned far more about Europe and the UK than I knew.
  26. northern-redneck-gypsy answered: EVERYTHING !
  27. gopal225 answered: Stig’s Laps on track with new cars
  28. sealedcage answered: how the failures always seem funny
  29. desperateshaginaskip answered: The Hosts, the producers, the staff.
  30. spaceandstuffidk answered: James Mays’ face. Andy. The Tumblr TopGearKnobs.
  31. trixsiegrace answered: Top gear is my favorite show because I learn about cars from people who are still learning about cars. Their humor brightens my day!
  32. bamiam0118 answered: Became hooked during an extended work assignment in Maidenhead & Slough back in 2005. Many co-workers were stuck in James’ tailback. Classic!
  33. aliceneedsadrink answered: The boys and their antics
  34. makeitcruel answered: I never liked cars until I started watching Top Gear. The way I learned to love them as more than just machines makes the show brilliant.