10 Things That Make 'Top Gear' Great

1. The camaraderie. The show would never be the same without Jeremy, Richard and James hosting it. These are three blokes who not only love their subject, but they genuinely get along with one another, and that in turn makes the audience feel like we’re part of the group, too. They have a chemistry that can’t be duplicated. If one of these three ever decides to call it a day (and we’re very thankful they’ve stayed for a decade!), it’s time to throw in the towel.

2. The tone. This is not a serious car show. Though there are car reviews and features, it’s not going to tell you which car you should buy (unless you really do want to drive around with an Anarchy flag and a waterbed) or how you can pimp your ride. This is a show that’s about the love of cars by people who love cars. And frankly, I’d rather see if one can turn a Reliant Robin into a space shuttle than another cut-and-dried review of a minivan.

3. Unsuccessful challenges. I’m not promoting failure here - but it’s the fact that these guys aren’t afraid to try things that probably won’t work that makes the show so fantastic to watch. If they stood around and did only the things that were plausible, or safe, it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting. I don’t really care that most of the things Jeremy, Richard and James dream up have failed…I’m impressed that they’ve even tried.

Nice list (visit BuddyTV for the rest)… but we can’t help but think they’re missing some things….

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