BMW shows off new 6 Series Gran Coupe. We show off our drool.

First, there was the Mercedes-Benz CLS. And it was good. Then, the Audi A7. That was also good. Now, Internet, meet the third contender for the crown of ultimate luxo-four-door-coupe-thingy: the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe.

It’s the first four-door coupe BMW has ever built, and its launch next year will kick off a Teutonic three-way tussle so explicit it’d make the Internet’s most liberal adult film purveyors blush.

That long, low and wide stance with short overhangs - and driver-focused cockpit - shows us it has BMW’s driving DNA etched into its flanks, though whether it can offer up any more joy than the capable-but-anodyne coupe and convertible versions remains to be seen.

We can’t wait for the comparison drive. We also just want to hear Jezza pronounce the word ‘koo-PAY’.

So what do you think Tumblr? CLS, A7, or Gran Coupe?

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    First, there was the Mercedes-Benz CLS. And it was good. Then, the Audi A7. That was also good. Now, Internet, meet the...
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  3. automobilesandfemales answered: BMW
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  7. just-keep-doing answered: Always a BMW
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  10. misusatriyo answered: Certainly CLS!
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  12. duckingghallatious answered: Now that i’ve seen this, i have to say Gran Coupe. And I’m not a fan of BMW in general but this is really looking good !
  13. jdmwithcheese answered: 6-Series.. Dropt it about an inch. Paint it Interlagos Blue, and add some Black 20” BBS CH-R wheels and call it a day.
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  15. universal-remonster answered: A7
  16. majorpopinfresh answered: Gran Coupe!
  17. spookydominicmoorefanclub answered: A7
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  19. redhatjim answered: i need to drive them first please send keys
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    This is a sedan…
  21. kamiquasi answered: A7
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  23. iwillbuildyouacastle answered: Still an A7 all day. 6 series Gran coupe? What kind of joke is this?
  24. agnosie answered: Saw that thing camouflaged on the Autobahn in Germany in October. Honestly I don’t like either of the four door coupes. They don’t make sense
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    ohh myy gooddd…i am in love. And I thought they couldnt get any sexier lol
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  28. hamsurly answered: Like a sharky 5
  29. bestwheelbase answered: And again BMW moves further from building cars I want to own.
  30. wanderungdurchdenschwarzwald answered: CLS all the way. But this is beautiful.
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  32. thatperfumeperson answered: CLS!!!!!
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