Jealously Alert: Top Gear Live in the UK in a few days…

There are some things that we Americans are happy to avoid by living in the colonies like London congestion charges and driving on the complete wrong side of the road… but one thing we want but do not get is a chance to see Top Gear Live

Ambitious? Certainly. Rubbish? Actually, this time we might just have got away with it. Less than a week to go until the opening night of Top Gear Live in Birmingham, and even hoary veterans of our arena extravaganza over the years will be hard-pressed to recognise this year’s show.

You see, we’ve now got our own indoor track. We’ve convinced a load celebrities to race our Reasonably Priced Car around it. We’ve lined up appearances from Sabine Schmitz and Tiff Needell and some of the finest cars ever built, and we’ve even recreated our TV studio for you to play with.

Plus, of course, we’ve got the usual car-based idiocy and explosions helmed by Jeremy, James, Richard and a certain white-suited tame racing driver.

So yeah. We’re jealous.

In typical Top Gear style we’re still finalising details, but we can confirm that in a cross between Chariots of Fire and Ben Hur, Clarkson, May and Hammond will compete in the first ever Moped Charioteering Race. Designed by the boys and powered by a bank of four 125cc mopeds. Each chariot features easy to misunderstand controls and is capable of ‘dangerous’ speeds.

If that’s deemed folly, how about Car Curling? Full-size cars on castors, a target and a powerful motorised sweeper operated by Captain Slow. And you’ll see some interesting uses of Morgan three-wheelers and radio controlled cars, but we won’t say more than that.

Oh, we can’t some of the finest cars in the world in a multi-million pound parade – confirmed so far are the Arash AF-10, Aston Martin DBS, Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Aventador, Lamborghini Countach, Lamborghini Diablo and Porsche 911 GT2 RS. And there will be more…

Click through for more details plus a hilarious video of Jeremy and James ‘promoting’ the show.

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